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Start your own gym, build a profitable business from scratch, and start changing lives.

You have a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals. But you’re also stuck working for someone else or living paycheck to paycheck after each training session.

Luckily, the combination of hard-won secrets to success and one man’s story of strength offers you a blueprint for building a thriving fitness business from scratch.

Self-made millionaire and founder of SixPax Gym, Siavash Fashi faced poverty, cancer, and political turmoil before building the most successful small gym in America. In his home country of Iran, his passion for bodybuilding was illegal, and he knew—like Arnold himself—he needed to find his way to the beaches of Southern California.

Woven in between stories of his determination, resilience, and grit, this step-by-step manual is packed with resources that will not only guide you to becoming a startup gym owner but will prove you can achieve anything. Small Gym, Big Results is an inspiring read for personal trainers or small-business owners looking to build a successful business, change their life, and make a difference in the world.



Start your own gym

With minimal equipment and very little money


Guide clients through short, intense training sessions

That deliver fast and dramatic results (making you an expert in losing fat and gaining muscle)


Get all the clients you’ll ever need

Without paying for advertising


Become a celebrity in your town

With his simple marketing method—and make memberships with you a no brainer


Learn how to price and package your services

To bring maximum, predictable revenue

Siavash Fashi shares the exact system he uses to create, run, and grow your gym. Whether you’re a personal trainer or just fantasizing of the gym life, this book is your ticket to turning your dreams into reality. Get your copy and start training for success!

Who is this book for?


If you are passionate about fitness and want to make a great living by changing lives.

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Retired Athletes

You’ve spent a lifetime training, now it’s time to help others and reach financial freedom.

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Start a mission driven business with little investment and make an impact your community.

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See what they’re saying:

“I was fired from my job and I had no idea what to do next. When Siavash found out, he told me it was time to open my own gym. I knew he was right but I was scared. I love lifting and fitness but I had no idea how to run a gym! Siavash told me not to worry and promised he would help me. He sent me an unpublished draft of his book, “Small Gym, Big Results” to read and use as a guide to running my gym! I read the book cover to cover, followed his advice and opened up my own private gym in my garage at home, with a goal to teach women how to lift weights. It turns out he was right! I made a few posts on social media and women began reaching out to me to come to my little gym! After only a few weeks I had 20 clients, and now a few months later I have 40 clients and I’m making more money than the job I was fired from! “

– Abby S.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a career in fitness, but I struggled to find a gym that would hire me while I had a full-time job. That’s when a friend introduced me to Siavash at SixPax Gym. Instead of working for someone else, Siavash encouraged me to start my own personal training business in my backyard gym. He gave me an early draft of his book, “Small Gym, Big Results” with easy steps to follow and has been jumping on calls with me, giving me advice and encouragement. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to go all-in. And it paid off. With Siavash’s coaching, I was able to acquire 10 paying clients within a month and my business is still growing. I still have my full-time job, but once I hit 20 clients, my revenue will exceed my salary and I plan to go full-time with my gym. I’m so grateful for Siavash’s guidance and support, and his book helped me a lot. I know this is just the beginning of something great for my future as a gym owner.”

– Chris C.


Siavash Fashi

Hi, I’m Siavash Fashi, and through my hardwork and dedication, I have built the most successful small gym in America from the groud up. I was born in poverty in Fash, Iran and moved to the United States as a refugee with nothing and I now live in Los Angeles where I have started my first successful SixPax Gym.

Through trial and error, I created an extremely successful gym with the perfect system that now makes me millions. I want to help you create the gym of your dreams that not only helps your members, but your community as well. I am currently writing my book Small Gym, Big Results to show how anyone can do what I did and succeed.